The prime importance of testing equipment lies in the fact that they are crucial in the quality control of all engineering works. The standard of test results depends on the accuracy and reliability of various complex and sophisticated testing equipment. Over the years, our engineers and technicians have gained a wide practical experience in calibration, maintenance and repair of all testing equipment used in soil, concrete and asphalt testing. Our Technical Services Division is fully equipped to provide the following services

Scope of work

Universal Testing Machine for Steel

Electronic & Mechanical Balances

Compression Machine

CBR Machine

Marshall Machine

Extraction Machine

Schmidt Hammer

Digital Thermometers

Drying Ovens

Stress, Mono, Hydraulic Jack System

Plate Load Test Equipments

Slump cone test Set

Proving Rings

Water Bath

Load Cells & Indicator

Flow Pressure Gauges

Speedy Moisture Tester

Analogue Thermometer


Weighing Bridge

Los Angel Machine

Calibration of Batching Plants