“The Outside of the Dome acts as a cooling skin. Our patented technology works between the two layers to bring down the overall temperature of the Inside of the Dome” – Omar Jazzar

A “green” habitat that shelters and protects man from the harshness of the elements : being cold / hot / rain / snow / Tornadoes / hurricanes / earthquakes / high humidity … by turning these very natural elements and phenomena that oppressed man for millions of years to man’s advantage. We use a dome configuration that is the most economical and effective in resisting earthquakes while providing more even exposure to sun with no interior columns to obstruct and restrain usage, so structure can be used for almost any venue, a hospital, a mall, a housing complex an arena for basketball, a school, cinema hall, single home buildings.

How it works?

We provide a more tempered climate that is a Cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters just from the shell structure; at the same time we provide electricity that is generated entirely by natural phenomena with no noise or pollution or frequent maintenance or logistical resupply of diesel or oil over long distance. This electricity can be used to run home appliances TV, A/C even electric cars or boats. Man therefore is freed at last from the leash of the cities electric grid and can be provided with a more micro-tempered environment to his liking thus man can go to remote sites, uninhabited islands or on top of mountains with total self sufficiency and protection from the elements yet not compromising comfort at an affordable price.



Cost Effective

Sustainable Design